Welcome to Visioning You, the exclusive event where your aspirations take shape and your dreams find a board! Hosted by our certified mindfulness facilitator and self-care advocate, this unique event is not just a gathering - it's a stepping stone to your future. Join us for a private vision part party that simplifies the process of goal-setting, ensuring a reflective, fulfilling experience.


This 2-hour private event focuses on self-nurturing, reflection, and self-love. Ideal for team building, friend gatherings, or family events, Visioning You provides a structures yet creative environment to explore and establish your personal goals.

. Goal-setter and planners
. Anyone needing a pause to strategize life's next steps.
. Those seeking to connect with their inner desires.

Why Visioning You?

ALL-INCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE - Forget the hassle of gathering materials. Our trained facilitator brings all the necessary crafting supplies to you! All you need to bring are your favorite beverages and snacks.

DESIGNED FOR REFLECTIONS - This two-hour session encourages deep thought and self-reflection, helping you slow down and focus on what truly matters for your personal fulfillment.

CONVENIENT LOCATIONS - Struggling to find a perfect spot? Our facilitator has connections with numerous venues across the valley to help secure the ideal location for your event, available at an additional cost.

FLEXIBLE GROUP SIZE - Whether it's a small gathering or a larger group, we cater to all, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 participants.


Only $45 per person, this experience is both enriching and budget-friendly!

What's Included


A specially selected book filled with images and inspiration to kickstart your vision board.


All the materials you need to create a beautiful and meaningful vision board.


Enhance your board with a variety of stickers and decorative accessories.


Sign up for our quarterly check-ins and accountability meetups, and don't miss our year-end celebration circle where we share our progress and success!

Event Details

Duration: 2 hours
Group Size: 10 - 25
Cost Per Person: $45

Booking Your Private Party

To book your private Vision Board Party or to inquire further, please contact us with your preferred dates and the number of participants. Let us help you set the scene for a year of success and personal fulfillment!

Secure your spot at our next vision board party and start your journey towards a more fulfilling life!

For more details or to arrange special accommodations, please reach out via our contact page. We are excited to help you and your group discover and pursue your visions!